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June 3, 2015

Strength from above

Bible Reading: Luke 22:39-43 and Psalms 20:1-2

To you O Lord be all the glory and all the honor for you are great and worthy to be praised

To you O Lord be all my praise and thanksgiving for daily mercies and benefits towards me and my loved ones

To you O Lord do all worship belong for you have been very good to me

Thank you Lord for the abundant life that I have in Jesus Christ

Father, I need you more than ever before, please show up for me

I receive from the throne room of mercy, grace to pray without ceasing

My Lord and my God, I refuse to be a casualty in the battle of life, release your strength to me

If my Lord Jesus needed to be strengthen then I too must receive strength; send ministering angels in charge of strength to me this day

The journey ahead of me is still far, O Lord empower me from within

My Lord and my God, wherever and whenever issue of my life and destiny is being decided, please arise for my defense

Vain is the help of man, Father help me in every challenging situation of life

Jesus made it because He was helped from above; I too must be successful in my destiny assignment, help from on high locate me today

I refuse to be a failure spiritually, financially, maritally and in every ramification; Helper of the helpless please send help to me

To fulfill your agenda for my life I need support, Father please support me

I decree and declare in the day of trouble I will triumph because my God will never leave nor abandon me

God of precedence, you fought from heaven on behalf of your children, release heavenly host against every enemy of my life and destiny and destroy them totally

Father, by your mercy and grace I will not be emotionally, spiritually or financially bankrupt; cause your overflowing abundance to locate me in every area of my existence

Father, establish me in holiness, in righteousness and in your perfect will

Thank you my Father for answering my prayers in the precious and mighty name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

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