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Prayers for June 1, 2015

My month of renewal of strength

Bible Reading: Isaiah 40:28-31

O Lord I praise you from because from everlasting to everlasting you are God

Father I praise you for your goodness and mercy that uphold me from January to this day

I thank you Father for your faithfulness over me and my loved ones since the beginning of this year

Thank you Lord for the abundant life and living hope I have in Jesus Christ

Father this month I receive the grace to wait upon you every day in the name of Jesus

The joy of the Lord is my strength and so daily with joy I draw water from my heavenly father's  well of salvation

O Lord let my physical strength be renewed like that of the eagle in the name of Jesus

Like Moses, I declare my strength shall not be abated and my eyesight shall not grow dim

Physically and Spiritually I decree and declare, I shall not faint and I shall not fall this month of June

Daily from you O Lord, I receive the strength to mount up with wings as eagle

Daily from you O Lord, I receive the strength run without becoming weary and to walk without fainting

Father you are the God of inexhaustible riches and abundance, let all my depleted resources be resupplied this month in the name of Jesus

Jehovah Jireh, you provided refreshment for Samson in the wilderness; refresh me O Lord that I will not waste away in the wilderness of life

Father empower me for battle; teach my hands to war and my fingers to fight 

This month by the unfailing grace of God, I remove every virtue waster out my life

I decree in the name of Jesus, that my thirst for holiness, my passion for prayers and my zeal for the Lord's service shall be renewed daily

Thank you Lord for answering my prayers in Jesus mighty name. 

PRAYER OF THANKSGIVING Psalm 107:1; 118:1-4
1. Father I thank you for your gracious mercy. We adore you and glorify your Holy name for all the mercies we have enjoy thus far.
2. Father I thank you for the Year 2014 especially the last Holy Ghost Congress in Lagos.
3. Father I thank you for the success of all the previous Daniel’s prayer conferences’ including the 2014 one hundred days fasting with prayers
4. Father I thank you for the life of the General Overseer, his wife and all Special Assistants To the General Overseer (SATGOS).
5. Father I thank you for the life of our Chairman, Regional Pastors, Provincial Pastors, Zonal Coordinators, Parish Pastors and ministers in the church.
6. Lamentations 3:22; Eccl 9:4 Father, I thank you for cancelling every evil report concerning my health, Jobs, finances families. I praise you because in spite of all the challenges of 2014, your mercy has kept me and I am still standing.
7. Psalm 86:15; 2 Peter 3:9; Psalm 130:3-4 Father, I thank you for your longsuffering and gracious mercy toward me (my family, my church). I thank you for not visiting me according to my iniquities. Thank him for loving me as I am.
8. Psalm 121:4; Psalm 3:5; Psalm 4:8. Praise God for keeping us from one day to the next, from Jan 1st 2014 till this very hour. We sleep peacefully each night and wake up alive and well every morning.
9. Thank God for answering prayers in Jesus name 1John 5:14; Matt 7:7-8
1. Pray for Daddy and Mummy GO, Pastor James Fadel, Regional Pastors, Provincial Pastors, Coordinators/assistants and their families that God will keep, uphold & sustain them in the ministry.
2. Pray that God will cover their ministries with the fire of the Holy Ghost that they shall continue to be carriers of His power & that through this power they will permanently be more than conquerors in Jesus name.
3 . Psalm 136:1-26; 1 Thess 5:24; 1 Sam 15:29; Psalm 124:8. Lord we thank you because you are more than sufficient for us. Thank you Lord because you are faithful. Thank you because you are our help in ages past
4. Father, I praise you for breath in my nostrils; I praise you for life. I thank you for the opportunity to still praise you.
5. Gen 1:26; Psalm 139: 13-14. Father, I thank you for who I am in you. I thank you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made in your image. I praise you for the divine mandate and ability you have given me to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth and have dominion over all the works of your hands.
6. Psalm 91:4-7 Father, I thank you for protecting me and my household from the evil of the day and of the night and from all dangers both seen and unseen. 7. Romans 5:8; 1 Cor 15:1-4, 17-20. Father, I thank you for your plan of redemption and for giving us Jesus Christ. We thank you that our faith is NOT IN VAIN. I thank you for the eternal glory reserved for me in your place. Father, I thank you for giving us the Holy Spirit, to comfort us and to guide us into all truths, till the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ
8. John 14:16, 26. Father I thank you for your plan of divine health for me. I thank you for the healings I have experienced in the past. I thank you for the work of healing you are doing presently. I thank you because you will not permit any disease to befall me.
9. Isaiah 54:10; Isa 26:3. I thank you for the covenant of peace. In spite of all the unrest both here and abroad, your peace have prevailed over me and all that concerns me. I thank you for keeping me, my family and the body of Christ. I praise you for keeping everyone, whose joy will be my joy and whose grief will affect my joy.
10. Psalm 107:31; Psalm 20:1-2. Father, I thank you for your marvelous works amongst us. Thank you for raising help for us, even when we do not know how to pray, or what to ask for. I praise you for the assurance of answers to prayers.
11. 1 Cor 10:13, Gen 19:16, 2 Tim 4:18 Father, in this new year, be merciful unto to me and my family, deliver us from every evil work, association and temptation, forgive every hidden fault and preserve me for your heav- enly kingdom in Jesus name
12. Matt 15:13; Genesis 13:9 Father, I Uproot and part with everything that represents the spirit of Lot in my life in Jesus name. Redeem me from every entanglement (Strife, greed, lukewarmness, wrong choices)
13. Genesis 12:4, Psalm 32:8, Isa 42:16, John 16:13. Father guide me towards what you think is best for me. I refuse to make foundational mistakes in my decision making, but let the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit guide me to make wise judgment (choices, decisions, etc) in Jesus name.
14. Thank God for answering prayers in Jesus name 1John 5:14; Matt 7:7-8
PRAYER FOR THE GUESTS MINISTERS: Pastors Peter Olawale, Leke Sanusi, Regional pastors, Provincial pastors. etc.
1.Ask for fresh anointing from above upon them in Jesus name. This year, the anointing to walk in His dominion shall be available for us in Jesus name. The Daniel Prayer and Prayer Retreat shall record a great success in Jesus name Jer 1:17; Matt5:16
2. Let there be confirmation of the Word of God and testimonies that "by this I know that thou art a man of God, and that the word of the Lord in thy mouth is truth." 1 Kings 17:24
3. Let's pray that, there will be deliverance among other blessings in Jesus name 1 Sam 16:19-23
4. Let's pray for the fulfillment of God's Words in their ministration in Jesus name. Isaiah 55:10-11; Numbers 23:19-20
5. Let's pray that every wicked hand against their life, family and ministry shall wither in Jesus name
1 God prosper all Conferences and Convention in Year 2015 in Jesus name.
2. We physical and spiritual hindrances from our members in Jesus name
3.Thank God for answering prayers in Jesus name 1John 5:14; Matt 7:7-8
Father, we receive for the church the grace to fast and pray in Jesus name. Isa 40:28-32; I Cor 9:8
1. Father, deliver me and my family from wrong actions in 2015 that will cause a lifetime of havoc for the generations to come in the name of Jesus name. 2. Father Intervene in my life throughout 2015 and deliver me from self. I put to death completely, every action of the old nature in me in Jesus name. I declare that in this New Year old things truly are passed away in Jesus name.
3. 2Kings 5:25-26, Matt 6:13, Father, let me not fall into desperation that will lead me into sinning against you in Jesus name.
4. Gen 13:14, Isa 62:1, Heb 12:1 Father, do not remain silent nor rest until your promises are fulfilled in my life. I throw off and destroy every form of hindrance and delay of your promises in my life in Jesus name.
5. Psalm 18:29 Prayer: Father, empower me to run through every evil opposition standing against my blessings in 2015. I receive power to leap over the walls of hindrances and limitation that the devil has erected on my way in Jesus name
6. Genesis 19:11 Father I command every evil eye monitoring my destiny and blessings to be blinded now in Jesus name.
7. John17:20-21,Jer32:39 Father deliver us from every strife, rivalry and disagreements that tears your church apart, even as the enemy continues to work against us, make us one in Jesus name and let all go well with your church in Jesus name.
8. Philippians 3:13-14 Father, help me to identify and deal with any weakness in my life that can hinder my progress in 2015. Father keep me pressing toward the mark, uncompromisingly and keep me faithful in my resolve, that I may gain the prize of your high calling.
9. I destroy every hindrance to reaching my goals in 2015, in the name of Jesus. I will reach my goal; I will succeed in life in Jesus name.
10. Rom 12:1-2, Titus 2:11-14, 2 Peter 3:18 Father, throughout 2015 help me never to deviate from the ministry of growing in grace and the knowledge of you in Jesus name. I refuse to be comfortable with sin in my life, I deny ungodliness but resolve to live righteously and godly in Jesus name.
11. Thank God for answering prayers in Jesus name 1John 5:14; Matt 7:7-8
1). Let there be genuine conversion of sinners in Jesus name
2). Let every Bar-jesus bow down to Jesus and accept Him as their Lord and Savior in Jesus name. Acts 13:6-12
3). Father, let every prodigal son and daughter return to God in Jesus name.
4). Father, let every fake Christian become faithful in Jesus name. Acts8:9-24.
5). Father, open the hearts and eyes of everyone to receiving the word of God in Jesus name. 2Kings 6:17; Ps 119:18; Acts 16:14
6).Bind the spirit of ignorance in your life. Pray this prayer in Colossians 1:16-19
7). That the light of God should shine upon your mind dispelling the darkness of ignorance.
8). Bind the spirit of ignorance in your life.
9). Pray this prayer in Colossians 1:16-19; Eph 1:16-19
10. Thank God for answering prayers in Jesus name 1John 5:14; Matt 7:7-8
1. Deut 7:15;;Exodus 15:26; Exo 23:25 Father, as I do my part to diligently hearken to your voice and serve you, let the year 2015 be a sickness free year for me and my family in Jesus name. Do not permit any disease to befall us in Jesus name.
2. Exodus 15:26. Father, reveal yourself to me as the Lord that heals me.
3. Exo 23:25; 2 Kings 20:1-7 .Father, remember my service unto you and take away every trace of sickness/disease in my body.
4. Jer 30:17. Father, restore to me every good health that I have lost, in Jesus name.
5. Jer 17:14; John 5:5-9. Prayer: Father, I chose to be made whole. Do not only heal me but make me whole from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet.
6. Isa 53:4-5; Matt 8:17; 1 Pet 2:24. Every sickness/disease that the Lord Jesus bore for me on the cross, I refuse to bear you anymore on my body in Jesus name. You are not my sickness. Drop off my body now in Jesus name.
7. Psalm 112:7, 2 Kings 20:1-7 Father, in the name of Jesus, I reject every evil report concerning my health (and that of my family) in Jesus name. Reverse every evil report concerning my health in Jesus name.
8. In 2015, I shall not lose my life or any member of my family to sickness or any form of evil in Jesus name.
9. In 2015, I shall not lose any part of my body to sickness
10. O lord let every member of my family and every member of this church who is under any bondage of the spirit of infirmity, be loosed from their infirmities now in Jesus name.
11. In agreement with the finished work of Christ, I decree by faith that Jesus himself took my infirmities and bore my diseases and by his stripes I have been healed.
12. Psalm 91:10. I decree that from now on, all through 2015 and beyond, there shall no plague come near me, my wife/hus- band, my children and my family in Jesus name.
13. Thank God for answering prayers in Jesus name 1John 5:14; Matt 7:7-8
1. Every satanic mark (branding) that has negatively or is negatively impacting upon my destiny should come to naught in Jesus ‘name. Every satanic emblem, mark or design; programmed to hurt my destiny in 2015, what are you waiting for? BE REMOVED, in the mighty name of Jesus
2. Esther 3: 8-10 Father, in 2015 let every handwriting of ordinances working against me be taken out of the way in Jesus’ name. Every policy, decree or pronouncement, designed to frustrate me, to keep me on the same spot, in 2015; BE ANNULED in Jesus Name!
3. Ex 1: 15-22 Father, by your blood, let every handwriting of the enemy working against my life be blotted out in Jesus’ name. Father, in year 2015 let every ungodly decree, counsel or pronouncement, against my children, against our women, against our families be null and void in the mighty name of Jesus. 4. Isaiah 44:24-25 Father, every handwriting of the ordinances affecting my progress be taken out of the way in Jesus’ name.
5. Father, in year 2015, frustrate every token of liars against my life, my family, my business, my ministry, my des- tiny and your church in the mighty name of Jesus.. Redemption from evil handwriting
6. Isaiah 44:24-25 Father, in 2015 make every diviner assigned to my case by the evil world mad in the mighty name of Jesus.
7. Father, in year 2015, turn the wisdom of every wise man or woman working against your church, your servant, my life, my ministry, my family and my destiny to foolishness in the mighty name of Jesus
8. Jeremiah 5:20-22 Father! As you placed the sand as a perpetual band for the sea, place a perpetual band against every author of the handwriting of ordinances against my life in year 2015.

9. Father! From today, as I end this year, remove your backing and let every roar of my enemies be an empty one in the mighty name of Jesus.

10. Isaiah 43:19 Father In year 2015, open a new chapter for me, in Jesus name, for your church, for my family or my ministry)

11. Father! As impossible as it may seem, unlikely as it may seem begin a new episode in my life, business, finances, career, ministry, marriage in 2015 in Jesus name

12. Father! From today and through year 2015, close every sad chapter in my life and turn my sorrow to joy, my shame to fame, my weeping to celebration in Jesus name.

13. Acts 3:1-9 Father! Let every era that has brought disappointment and failure to my life come to an end with 2014 in Jesus name.

14. Thank God for answering prayers in Jesus name 1John 5:14; Matt 7:7-8
15. Thank God for answering prayers in Jesus name 1John 5:14; Matt 7:7-8
1. Gen 37:5-8; Deut 29:29; 1 Cor 2:8. Father, reveal unto me your dream for my life that I may run with it as my dream.
2. Gen 37:9. Father, confirm my dream for life unto me such that I will know for sure what I am here on earth for. Father, expose every conspiracy against my dream and destroy them in Jesus name
3. Gen 37:18-20 Father, raise unto me men that will do everything possible to see to it that my dream/destiny is preserved. Raise unto me men that will help me make my dream a reality. Raise unto me men that will speak up in favor of my dream. Remove from me every dream killer in Jesus name.
4. Gen 39:2, 23 Father, in 2015 let your presence be with me such that I shall prosper and fulfill my dreams/destiny in Jesus name. As you go with me into 2015, grant me success in my quest to fulfill my dreams.
5 Father, deliver me from every temptations designed to crush my dream/destiny in life in Jesus name.
6. Gen 39:7-20; Isa 54:17. I frustrate every weapon of the devil fashioned to crush/crash my dream in Jesus name. Father let every plan of the devil to kill me and destroy my dreams be disappointed in Jesus name.
7. Gen 39:19-23. Father, turn every disappointment that I have experienced concerning my dreams to testimonies in Jesus name
8. Gen 39:21-22. Father, grant me favor in the eyes of every one who is in the position to help me in fulfilling my dreams.
9. Thank God for answering prayers in Jesus name 1John 5:14; Matt 7:7-8
1. Joshua 1:9, Genesis 28:15-22. Prayer: Father, wherever I will go in year 2015, let your divine presence go with me in Jesus name.
2. Numb 14:42-45; Deut 1:42-46. Exodus 33:15. Prayer: Lord Jesus, throughout year 2015 and beyond, I refuse to embark on any journey that is void of your divine presence in Jesus name.
3. Psalm 51:11-12; 1 Samuel 18:12. Prayer: Father whatever I will do in year 2015 that will take your presence away from me, please daddy put restrain on me in Jesus name.
4. 2 Kings 23:27. Prayer: Father, let me never be removed from your presence in Jesus name.
5. Gen 28:16. Prayer: Father, give me the grace/divine ability to recognize your divine presence in 2015 and beyond in Jesus name.
6. 1 Cor 6:19. Prayer: Father, because my body is your temple, let me be a carrier of your divine presence throughout the year 2015 and beyond in Jesus name.
7. Isaiah 43:2; Mark 4:35-41. Prayer: Father, let your divine presence that delivered and preserved the three Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace, deliver and preserve me from any waters, rivers or fire that may rage in 2015 in Jesus name.
8. Acts 10:38. Prayer: Father, let your divine presence set me apart for the supernatural in 2015 and beyond in Jesus name.
9. Genesis 39:2-3; 1 Sam 18:14. Prayer: Father, through your divine presence, I shall prosper and succeed in wherever I go and whatever I lay my hands upon 10. Psalm 91:1. Prayer: I receive the grace to dwell in the secret place of the Most High and to abide under the shadow of the Almighty in Jesus name.
11. Exodus 13:21, Nehemiah 9:12, Isaiah 4:5. Prayer: Father, let your divine presence be unto me as a pil- lar of cloud and a pillar of fire throughout 2015 and beyond Jesus name.
12. Deuteronomy 9:1-3; Deut 31:8. Prayer: Father, let the assurance of your divine presence al- leviate every fear and discouragement that I may encounter in year 2015 in Jesus name.
13. Mark 4:35-41. Prayer: Almighty God, by the power of your divine presence, let every storm that may rage in 2015 be stilled IJN. 1 Kings 8:6, 10-11; Exodus 40:34-35; Exodus 34:29-30. Prayer: Father, let the glory of your presence fill our lives, family and church all through the year 2015 and beyond in Jesus name.
14. Thank God for answering prayers in Jesus name 1John 5:14; Matt 7:7-8
1. Isaiah 43:19 Prayer: Father because you have promised to do a new thing in my life, let old things that are not giving me joy and happiness to serve you whole heatedly be gone now
 2. Isaiah 43:18-19 Prayer: Father, Please close doors against every old problem, sorrow, failure and disappointment in my Life, Family, Church and Business. Let doors of new things open unto me in the mighty name of Jesus.
3. Gen. 6:8 Prayer: Father, in year 2015 empower me to enjoy your unmerited favor.
4. Ps 24:7-10 Prayer: As I enter year 2015, every gate set against my Lifting, Success, Breakthrough, Promotion, Abundance and Uncommon greatness, be lifted in the name of Jesus.
5. Isaiah 45:1-2 Prayer: Father, make every crooked way of my life straight in year 2015 IJN.
6. John 1:4-5 Prayer: Father, because you are the light of the world, please let there be light in all my ways in year 2015 and the rest of my life.
7. Exodus 33:17-18 Prayer: Father, because I have found grace in thy sight and you have delighted in me, please in this New Year, show me your glory.
8. 1 Cor 15:39-41 Prayer: Father, because there are different level of glory and how they shine, this year, as your power of a new beginning will rest upon me, please let my star shine brighter still.
9. Act 23 12-35 Prayer: Father, every conspiracy against my life to kill or destroy my destiny in 2015, let them work against themselves and be destroyed in the mighty name of Jesus.
10. Gen. 49:1 Prayer: Father, every past errors that I have committed knowingly or unknowingly that may want to hunt or work against me this New Year, please flush them away by the blood of Jesus and let your plan for my destiny be fulfilled.
11. Ps 23:1-6 Prayer: Father, please be my Shepherd this year and let me not lack anything good in life. Whatever my needs are, please in your mercy, meet them. Ps 118:17 Prayer: Father in the name of Jesus, I shall live and not die to declare your counsel and fulfill the purpose why you sent me to this world in the name of Jesus. Act 16:16-28 Prayer: Father, let every prison doors of my life be opened this year and put an end to struggle, labor and loss in my life. Act 27:21-22 Prayer: Father, I decree that in this New Year, there shall not be loss of any life in my family and the church of God in Jesus mighty name.
1 Sam. 17:42-49 Prayer: Father, all boasting power delegated against my life, family and the church of God, be silenced permanently in the name of Jesus. 1 Sam. 30:1-18
12. Thank God for answering prayers in Jesus name 1John 5:14; Matt 7:7-8 Prayer: Father, in this year 2015, I pursue, overtake and recover all my good inheritance that I have lost to the enemy as a result of my carelessness or sin in the name of Jesus.
1. Pray that everything that works lackness in your life be destroyed
2.Pray that the anointing of the holy spirit will destroy yokes and spell in your life.Is.10:27
3. Pray that God should baptize you with his grace that will cost you never to lack any good thing (Ps 34:10 )
4. Pray that you should not lack the power and the presence of God in your life.
5. Pray against all habits and human practices that open the door for the spirit of lack and devourers in your life (Mal 3:8-9)
6. Pray that the spoilers will not prosper or prevail in your life, family, business this year in Jesus Name
7. Father I praise and give thanks to your holy name for all that you have done in my life, family and church in Jesus name
8 Pray that God endue us with the power to get wealth Deut. 8:18
9. Pray that God should give us the power to give our money to the work of God (John 10:18)
10. Ask the Lord to teach our hands to make profit in our businesses ( Isa 48:17)
11. God to give us the key to ultimate breakthrough financially.
12. Thank God for answering prayers in Jesus name 1John 5:14; Matt 7:7-8

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