Tabernacle of Peace believes that God empowers His children to function in one unique way or the other. As a result we see every member as a vessel in the hand of loving God  bestowed upon the Church for the benefit of the entire congregation and that of our community. Consequentially, anyone who has worshiped with us consistently for a period not less than six months, willing and able to undergo certain prescribed training is welcome to be a part of the Lord’s end time army functioning in any one or more of the following Ministry or Department:


This ministry comprises of prayer warriors and mediators who constantly bring the praises and petitions of the church and members and community before the throne of God. Intercessors meets every Tuesday at 5pm


The Evangelism Ministry provides the dual ministry of making deliberate and conscious efforts to preach the gospel of Christ to unbelievers and to also encourage and edify the body of Christ.


This is an umbrella ministry for Engineering department. This department ensures the proper functioning of all electronic/electrical equipment (microphones, speakers, amplifiers, mixers etc) during services. It provides in-house recording studio facilities, records all aspects of the service, especially the Word, ensures that recorded messages are reproduced to the highest quality in audio and visual format and make all authorized recorded material available for sales. They also manage sales of tapes, CDs and DVDs in addition to being responsible for maintenance, upgrade and smooth running of information systems in the church.

Drama Group
The purpose of this ministry is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ through plays, drama sketches and movies.


The Choir ministers to the people in praise, worship and also special songs in all church meetings and services. As the choir leads the congregation into the high praises of God and ultimately his presence, God himself comes down with his blessings (Psalm 22:3) We use the instrumentality of music to proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ Rehearsals hold every Saturday at 12 noon.

Search The Scriptures

This department comprises of Sunday School Teachers. It promotes the Biblical knowledge of church members. The Sunday School teachers prepare Bible teachings that stimulate knowledge of God’s word “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” 2nd Timothy 2:15


Welcomes worshippers and directs them to their respective seats. Assist in whatever capacity to ensure that they are comfortable and that their needs are met during church services e.g. directions to the toilet, assistance to nursing mother’s e.t.c. Maintaining order during meetings and services. Removal or minimizing distractions such as crying babies or ringing mobile phones during service.

Follow up

This department focuses on the new converts in the congregation. The department welcomes them with love and care, prays with them, explain to them how/why they have become new creatures in Christ, and provide them with first-hand church information. The Follow-up arm of the ministry makes sure they are followed up and become eventually established in Christ. The department also follows up on existing members who are absent from church for a noticeable period of time.

This department welcomes visitors and new members with love and care, and provides them with first-hand church information. The visitation arm of the ministry physically visits members, who are seemingly lonely, need encouragement and prayers.


This is the literature ministry of the church. It provides reading resources that help people commit their lives to Jesus Christ and show Christ’s lordship in their daily living. To accomplish this, it publishes Sunday service bulletin. The ministry endeavors to provide publications and other communications materials that clearly communicate the vision and values of the Church.

Security and Valet

These are the policemen & women” outside the church. In addition, the department ensures order in the parking lot and security of church members’ vehicles and properties during the Security and the Health and safety of all is paramount to the operations of the department. The security of persons and goods is of great importance amidst the growing number of worshipers.

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